Monday, May 12, 2014

Dhapolshankh's Daughter

Dhapolshankh Chaturvedi's only girl, currently studying in an Engineering College got pregnant a few days back. Mr. Dhapolshankh learnt about it yesterday. He got angry over his innocent daughter not because she had sex. He is a man of progressive thoughts. He was disappointed that her daughter indulged in unprotected sex. When he asked his daughter, what was the reason for not buying a condom. Her daughter surprised him with this reply.

She said "Baba earlier we always used them but whenever either of us used to buy them. The medical store employees used to stare and pass filthy comments. We tried shifting from one shop to other, but we faced the same response. Once a shopkeeper called me a slut and told me that he might call the police, if I dare to come to his shop again. After this incident we stopped using condoms".

Mr. Dhapolshankh had no words in response.

Thank You,
Shubham Gune

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  1. This is the problem the prevails in our society....!