Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Use a Condom Effectively

Disclaimer: Please do not read the article if you believe in morals of our hypocrite society. Please don't read if you consider the word CONDOM is filthy. Please do not read if you feel it is not decent to talk about SEX and CONDOM in public. Please do not read if you think article like these are harmful for our morally correct society. For those of you who believe that we must speak and break these foolish ideology. Please share the article (or better write something of your own regarding these sort of issues) so that atleast a handful of people read the word condom for healthy number of times and it might help them come over the fear and hesitation of SEX & CONDOM.

Chief executive officer of 'Hara Bhara Kan dome' has come with 10 amazing uses of condom:
  1. Jalebi Maker: If you are a person with a sweet tooth. then a Jalebi can surely make you smile. Condom can efficiently help you in making tasty Jalebi's.  wash the condom once and fill it with the stuff.
  2. Pillow: Condom has an excellent property to accommodate large volumes of air inside it. This property can be used in real life. We can make brilliant pillows by filling air into the condom. These pillows will be of great help to travelers.
  3. Wallet: If you don't have a wallet need not to worry. Condoms can be used as alternative to a Wallet. You can keep your cards, money etc in it. 
  4. Hand Gloves: Insert your hand in a condom and it will serve you as a Hand Glove. It will keep dust and oily stuff away from your hands.
  5. Punching Bag: If you feel like punching someone. In that scenario, you just require nothing but a condom. Fill it with air. You may paste a photograph of your boss or ex partner or some other person  and punch them as much as you want.
  6. Grip: If the grip of your cricket bat or bike wears off. Then a pair of dotted condoms can save you.
  7. Rain protector: During rains a huge population of mobile phones dies. You can save them. Mobile phones, cigarettes etc can be saved from rainwater by putting them into a condom.
  8. Hat: A condom can help you in dressing up for a theme party. You can make wonderful hats from condom by filling air into it. 
  9. Balloon:  From decoration to making a kid laugh. it has all the solution. Balloons can be made from condoms. They are of bigger size, lasts long and are readily available.
  10. Weapon to Punish an Eve Teaser: A powerful weapon can be made with the help of a condom. All you need to do is pack a condom with Lal Mirch Powder (Red Chili Pepper) and make a hole at the tip of it. Now whenever you encounter someone miss behaving, just go close to the evil and blow air into the weapon. The offender will surely get a lesson. 

P.S. You are free to judge me and pass any comment. I do not care. I will not refrain myself from writing what is to be said..

Thank You,
Shubham Gune 

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