Monday, June 16, 2014

Miss Scooty Pep

I was crossing an exceptionally overcrowded road of the orange city (Nagpur) along with one of my friends Pranav, we somehow managed to cover more than half the width of the road, we were having a difficult time, as the vehicles were attacking us in full swing but we were determined enough to cross the road, in one piece. Then, something took us by surprise, a girl in her mid twenties, riding here bike, came very close to us, without alarming us. At that moment, Pranav had successfully crossed the road and I was just a hand away but that girl came in between, me and my destination. Miss Scooty Pep was about to break my bones with her incredible driving skills but my reflexes saved me. I quickly jumped to a safe spot and she moved ahead. In mid of this whole act of making me handicapped, she uttered a word called 'BHENCHOD', perhaps it was her way of showing respect. I was paralyzed for a moment, I unconsciously smiled over her sweet action. Probably, my smile made her even more furious and she twisted her back, turning a deaf ear to the road ahead and showed me her middle finger. As a result of all this mayhem actions, she lost her balance and went straight into the gutter. We ran to offer help.

Pranav asked her "DIDI lagi toh nahi?' and I kept smiling, standing at a distance, sufficient enough to perfectly smell the odor of gutter and appreciate her body drenched in the black fluid. Thankfully our protagonist managed to leave the situation with minor bruises.

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